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Yes, 2020 and 2021 have been unbelievable.  Tremendous shifts in consumer buying habits because of the pandemic have made online purchasing a preferred necessity. However, there are many bootleg and counterfeit vendors who are predators and will provide you a product at what you think is a really good price and will sell you a poor quality copy of a licensed product or take your money and not send you a product at all.

Be careful when you buy.  We sell officially licensed t shirts, sweatshirts etc.  We make sure our suppliers certify Licensing whether the items be preprinted or transfers.  Many manufacturers selling licensed merchandise have restrictions on who can sell their merchandise because of bootlegging and counterfeiting of their merchandise.

Be certain that when you buy online that you are getting what you ordered.  Buying for price only can result in disappointment when and if you receive the product. Bravado, Zion, Dave Matthews, AMC, Funco, Bio and Rocksax all prohibit sales on Amazon and any other e commerce sites such as Ebay, Etsy, Walmart, Sears.

BIGGMANNBARGAINS does carry Bravado, Zion, Dave Matthews, AMC , Rocksax and other officially licensed t shirts, sweatshirts etc, furniture, and collectible items on our website BIGGMANNBARGAINS.COM as sale of these items are not prohibited on our website and our website is approved by our suppliers for the sale of such items..

Of course we would like you to buy from us, but it is more important that what you buy is what you ordered and not a cheap imitation or worse yet you pay and get nothing in return.  Same day or next day delivery of a bootleg or counterfeit item that you have to return is not an enjoyable experience as your time is as valuable as your money.

God Bless and have a very happy and joyous holiday season!!!

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